Ojochogwu Dickson

FullStack Software Engineer
& Developer Advocate

Engineering (FS) — Polished, pixel-perfect user experience for modern applications. Crafting Intelligent User Interfaces, and building scalable backend systems


Self-taught Software Engineer passionate about building software for Startups and Corporations. I focus on creating accessible and scalable user interfaces, utilizing the right tools. In recent years, I have honed my skills with the necessary tools, enhancing both my design and engineering acumen.

I have contributed to fast-paced startups by solving problems through thoughtful design and implementing cutting-edge solutions. I specialize in architecting for accessibility and performance, leveraging my engineering intelligence and abilities, with a journey-focused and result-oriented approach to problems

I have built a couple of stuffs, accessible on my github, but notably you can check out You Read, Fiction Factory and currently, I am working on Redux, an open-source documentation library to help documentation teams, and developers measure the performance of their documentations, and make improvements.

Layout inspired by Brittany. Designed in figma, and code written in TypeScript and NextJs by Me☺️. Find it on Github.